Free Comics, Free Games, and Other Freebies for FCBD

an artist alley table set up for Free Comic Book Day at the Toledo Game Room.

So I went to Toledo Game Room for Free Comic Book Day (or FCBD for short). While chatting with new fans, I brought up free comics, free games, and other free stuff folks could check out.

In the spirit of sharing free things, here is a list of what I have that’s free for folks to do:

Read The Legend of Jamie Roberts! It’s the story of a genderqueer pirate and their two best friends treasure-hunting in a land full of dragons (and why that’s a bad idea). The comic posts a new page every Wednesday, with two-week breaks between chapters. Yes, early updates are available for subscribers, as well as book versions with bonus content and remastered pages. But if you’re tight on funds, the webcomic is free to read.

Read my other free webcomics! I have a whole bunch of webcomics free to read online, such as The Case of the Wendigo on Tapas, Validation on Instagram, and the many other comics listed on the My Comics page.

Play Dragon’s Roost! It’s a free RPG where you play as dragons running a coffee shop. There is a first and second edition available (both are free). Whichever one you pick, it’s only two pages long and easy to pick up. Also, version 2 only requires six-sided dice.

Play Toe Beans & Broomsticks! In this tabletop RPG, you play as cats, crows, dogs, and owls who cast magic and go on adventures with Saturday morning cartoon vibes. The Free version of this game has all your basics covered. Also, like Dragon’s Roost 2.0, this game only requires six-sided dice.

Color Adult Coloring Book Pages! I have a whole bunch of coloring book pages for adults, from The Mystery in the Forest to The Sun Deity, as well as The Princess in the Garden. There are more if you go to my Ko-fi shop and check out the Free category.

Watch my YouTube channel! Over on YouTube, I share the comics-drawing process, chat with indie creators about their work, and sometimes host discussions on hot topics, like alternatives to Patreon. More behind-the-scenes videos will be dropping soon, so be sure to subscribe!

Subscribe to my email newsletter! It’s the best way to keep up with webcomic and YouTube updates. Plus I have comics exclusive to email newsletter subscribers, like Vanita and the Demon King and New Punk Signal. I also have a segment called Featured Artist Friday, sharing cool artists that folks can check out.

And that’s just the free stuff! Folks who subscribe to Ko-fi get phone wallpapers, early access to webcomic updates, free zines, and other rewards. It’s totally optional, so if you’re broke, the free stuff is there for you.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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