There’s a lot to look forward to this month – from Thoughtful Dinosaur books to the launch of The Case of the Wendigo on October 18th, and more illustration updates for the Patreon page.

All of this storming creativity has made me realize…

I need to quit my day job… soon-ish.

See, I work at a craft store as both cleaning person and person who stocks shelves. As it turns out, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms of a 10,000 square foot store and then climbing up and down stairs moving 100+ pound boxes of books, rocks, and glass is REALLY exhausting work. And there are some days, especially recently, that feel like the job wants to pile MORE work on me for a multitude of reasons.

So… yeah, I’m going to start looking for opportunities in other avenues. I want to take it easier on my body and find some things I can do to make that happen.

How can you help? Well, here’s some ways presented in an “if-you-then-you” format.

thoughtful dinosaur kickstarter promo

IF YOU want to get a copy of my newest book, THEN YOU can back Thoughtful Dinosaur on KickStarter. There’s only two days left!

validation webcomic with christian beranek

IF YOU love Validation, the comic I do with Christian Beranek, THEN YOU can pledge a monthly tip to Validation on Patreon. Those funds get split evenly between myself and Christian and help keep the comic going.


IF YOU loved my other comics like Johnson & Sir and Charlie & Clow, THEN YOU can pledge a monthly tip to my personal Patreon and help make The Case of the Wendigo happen.


IF YOU want a mini-comic subscription, THEN YOU can pledge to my personal Patreon for just $1 per month.

IF YOU can only make a one-time donation, THEN YOU can donate through Paypal and get a piece of art from my art bin mailed to you.

punx mini sketchbook

IF YOU want to get book copies and prints of the stuff I’ve done, THEN YOU can buy something on Storenvy, including my newest mini-sketchbook, PUNX.

IF YOU are in my neighborhoods and want to support local businesses, THEN YOU can get my comics and mini-comics at Cat’s Paw Art Studios in Wheeling, WV, Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, IL, OR New Dimension Comics in Saint Clairsville, OH.

IF YOU want to see my comics at your local comic shop, THEN YOU can let the store owner know about me or contact me to let me know about your awesome shop.

youngstown indie comics expo 2016 table

IF YOU want me at your next local comic convention, THEN YOU can request that your convention invite me through their forums or contact me to let me know the name of the con.

IF YOU love the stuff I post here on the site, THEN YOU can share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever it is you use!

minicomic workshop

IF YOU want me to do a presentation at your local library or run a mini-comic-making workshop, THEN YOU can contact me also.

IF YOU want me to make a commission for you, THEN YOU have two option: you can either back Thoughtful Dinosaur on KickStarter at a higher level to get a custom commission, OR you can contact me (I’d recommend the latter if it’s a big job. Personal commissions can be requested through the KickStarter pledges at this moment.)

IF YOU want me to make a commission for you at a future date, THEN YOU can sign up for my email newsletter to find out when I’m available.

IF YOU want me to work with you on your next comic idea, THEN YOU have to make a VERY convincing case via email, because I am EXCEPTIONALLY picky about what comics I work on and who I work with.

So that’s a lot of freaking ways you can help! However, there’s one more thing…

IF YOU are unable for whatever reason to do any of the above, THEN YOU can share this post with your friends. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.