I Got A New Printer

His name is Beefy McMuscle-ton…

new printer beefy mcmuscle-ton

And he is a glorious machine!

It took me months to save up enough money for this beast but it was worth. Every. Penny!

Because now, I can get comic pages and sketches scanned into my computer even faster than before, which means faster comic-making and more comics for you to read! Plus he prints thing LIGHTNING fast.

I’ve even been able to restock on Mr. Dino & Friends thanks to this thing! (These little mimicomics are $1 on Storenvy and fit in your pocket because they’re mini and cute).

mr dino mini comic
(Pocket Dinosaurs!)

Plus, this machine can do one thing my last printer could not do: print mini-prints and more, without eating paper like I devour an unattended pint of blueberries on a Sunday afternoon.

What does that mean? Well, now there are mini-prints in my shop! This includes fan-favorites like the Dragonball mini…

dragonball z mini print with goku and gohan
So adorable!

And this lovely Claire and Tracy Encounter A Lion mini!

claire and tracy encounter lion mini-print

There will be more prints coming soon. Stay tuned…

Speaking of which, I’m also open to suggestions from you! Would you like to see some Goth & Punk Girls mini-prints? Superhero Ladies mini-prints? More dinosaurs? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

4 Replies to “I Got A New Printer”

  1. Which model did you get? I have an old Photosmart 7280 AIO that’s done me well for several years, but started intermitently acting up a couple of years ago, so I bought a Photosmart 7510 in case it died. The 7510 is still in the box after 2 years. The 7280 is definitely a reliable workhorse.

    1. I got the HP Officejet 7612. My last one was another HP model but I have since given it to Goodwill, so I forgot what model it was. I got it from my cousin who ran a business for a few years.

        1. It is, indeed, a large format 11×17 scanner and printer! I can’t wait to do large prints/posters with this thing. :3

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