The Sketching Game

I have the goal of drawing two sketchbook pages a day. This is to help get new material for eBook sketchbooks (like the Superhero Ladies sketchbook or the Goth & Punk Girls Sketchbook), and to get better at art-making.

But sometimes, I need a jumping off point to draw from. I can’t draw from my imagination all the time.

So I created the Sketching Game.

The Sketching Game is a twist on the Art Director Game someone created on the forums years ago (sadly I have lost the link, but if you manage to find it, leave a comment below!). How both games work is you make a list of twenty suggestions, and then you roll a twenty-sided dice (or D-20 if you grew up on Dungeons & Dragons…like I did. I’m a nerd). You then draw something based on the suggestion.

The Art Director game was different, in that you made an initial sketch first, and then rolled the dice to get a suggestion for how to improve on it.

The Sketching Game is more you roll the dice to get an initial idea.

Here’s my list of sketching ideas to draw from (teehee, puns):

the sketching game prompt

To make it more fun, you just roll the dice twice and combine the suggestions based on the numbers.

Like if I roll an 8 (Masks) and a 15 (Johnson & Sir), here’s the result I get…

johnson and sir sketch
(click to enlarge)

Or if I roll a 20 (animals) and a 12 (Seeing Him), I would combine it like this,,,

greg and cat from Seeing Him the webcomic

Feel free to interpret the game as you wish! You can make new suggestions, modify it to add a D-6 (six-sided dice) to make more suggestions or add limitations, or do whatever you want to with it.

I’m going to go ahead and get back to sketching.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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