I’m sorry…again. I didn’t update on Saturday like I promised.

As a legitimate excuse, I am graduating from college, so my schedule has not given me the time to really attend to my blog like I should. The next week and a half are also looking busy, since I’ll be on family vacation and then moving into my apartment to start my summer job again.

To make up for this busy schedule, I would like to share another comic!

This one I did as a final project for my Contemporary Issues in Drawing and Painting class Fall semester of 2011. It’s called “Mermaids.”

This is actually one of the few comics I have made based on events that actually happened. Characters have been changed a bit, but the events themselves are true to life.

To read, just click on the first image and it’ll enlarge. There will be a scroll along the bottom you can use to get to the next page.

“Mermaids” was made with watercolors and ink.

I hope you enjoyed this!

I won’t be able to update again until either May 12 or May 19, so I would like to apologize in advance. I’ll be sure to bring another comic I did, though, because I did a lot of them this semester. :D

As always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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