Prequel to "Catalyst"

Thank you all for waiting so patiently while I settled into my current life after graduating a few weeks ago! I’m back now, which means that this blog is back to updating on a regular schedule. You can now expect updates every Saturday.

Of course, you might also be wondering about the title of this blog post. A prequel, you wonder?

Yes, indeedy, this is a (scrapped) prequel to my graphic novel project Catalyst. I scrapped this prequel from the project because I decided to stick with the introduction in the original draft of the story.

Not that this 8-page mini is without merit. I’m still quite proud of the quality of this work.

I made this on 6 inch by 10 inch pages with Prismacolor cool grey markers, permanent marker (to get deep black), and technical pens.

Be sure to click the images to see them in large view.

Thanks for looking! If you like it, please share this with your friends. I love meeting new people who read my stuff. :D

As always, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.

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