My Walls Are Thoroughly Decorated

Indeed, I spent most of my day decorating my walls, as these super grainy phone pictures shall prove:

I believe a good desk space should have lots of posters around it to inspire you and pin things onto it to keep you interested.

However, I DID also apply for work at the Mall AND got the number of the special services coordinator of the mall: turns out there used to be a guy who drew caricatures there on the weekends, during the holidays, but he hadn’t drawn there for a few years. I believe it’s my time to step in and do that service. :3

I still have to call the guy tomorrow and see what happens.

Also sent emails to peeps. It’s important to follow-up with the pros that you talk to, and this past year I was REALLY bad at that! I want to improve and follow-up IMMEDIATELY from now on.

Cooking dinner now: fried chicken and a baked potato. After that I’ll start drawing the covers for the webcomic and the anthology I’m planning out. No rest for the comic artist.

On the other hand, I hope to skype with some friends this Friday. I’ll start asking around. :3

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome, and I will post again tomorrow!

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