Webcomic: Page 2, and Other Sketches

Man I haven’t updated this blog for a while. But I’ve been up to a lot of projects.

You know what? I’m just going to blog about my projects everyday. Just because I like sharing my work process and it’s a good way to keep myself on task with my projects, which I have a LOT of.
So I’ve been working on the art for my webcomic. Page 1 is officially done (except for lettering) and I am now working on page 2.
Page 2, on my easel’s scratchboard.
I’ve also got some thumbnails sketched for anthology covers. The anthology cover is going to be started tomorrow, as is the cover for the first chapter of the webcomic (title will be announced next week).
…and Auxaton at the bottom, just for you.
I also spoke with Ryan, my former manager, about running a freelance caricature business. It’s something that I’m looking into starting. Made some shnazzy notes about that, and now I have an itch to rejoin ISCA (the International Society of Caricature Artists) to talk to more artists about this.
Still, I think I’d like to freelance as a comic illustrator. It’s what I want to do more….I’ll think about it.
Tomorrow I shall draw more. In the meantime, check out some Korean pop music and watch 2NE1 perform: Go Away, I Am the Best, or Can’t Nobody. They’re a lady quartet that’s all about the girl power, and they are AWESOME.

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