New Challenges Along the Way!

I’ve been doing entirely too many things lately.
Firstly, I got a mini-comic published in the IF-X anthology! That’s freaking exciting as it is! I’ll be including more info as it comes, but if you are interested in ordering a copy from me, please leave a comment. I haven’t figured out the prices yet, however. They just got off the presses. I’ll let you know as soon as I possibly can.
Also, I made another mini-comic, this time just made on my own. It’s called “Ghost.”
I’m not too pleased with how my printer reproduced them, so I’m thinking of going to another one. Once I get more copies made, I’m going to send some off to Quimby’s and possibly post more for sale on my Gumroad store.
So that’s what I’ve got done. But I have a lot more waiting for me to get started and/or finish.
For one thing, I finally started the second draft of the graphic novel “Catalyst.” It’s been a long time coming (almost a year)! But I’m starting it, and I’m pleased with the progress so far.
For another thing, I finally started scripting out a fancomic I’m doing in collaboration with my friend Chloe. AND I’m also getting back to working on another collaboration with my friend Casey.
I also have a short-story comic in the works. The surprising thing is that it’s the second draft of “The Messengers,” which is a project I thought I would leave in the scrap pile. My brain won’t let it go, though, so I’ll work on it.
I’m also starting concept art for another mini comic (sketches will be posted once I make more of them!), and getting ready to format an anthology of my comics for print.
That’s right: I’m planning to make an anthology of my short story comics.
Because another thing I’m planning is my convention schedule! I’m already set for SPACE down in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m sharing a table with my friend Chloe at Animarathon in Bowling Green, Ohio. I’m planning on getting a table over at Colossal Con in Sandusky, Ohio, though I still need to put the money together to buy the table.
I’m SO excited to be at cons this next year, because I haven’t been in the Artist Alleys for over two years! I’m still planning out merchandise to sell, but I’m hoping to get my anthology made and sent to the printer soon. I want that to be one of my big-ticket items.
So….PLANS! I have them!
I’ll be sharing more details on many of these projects soon!

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