New Novel In Progress

runemage and dragis work in progress sketch
Runemage and Dragis (Work In Progress)

A long while ago, I wrote a series of blog posts about projects that I had abandoned or put on the shelf. One of those projects was a story about an elf named Auxaton.

More recently, I had been swamped with work. One of the ways I cope with getting lots of work and getting overwhelmed is… writing new stories.

See, this is why I have, like, seven different scripts being written at once.

Anyway, during this last bout of work overwhelm, my subconscious mind said, “Hey, you know what you haven’t written for a long time? That story with Auxaton. Make it a novel.”

To which I thought, “But I make comics – ”


And that’s how I have come to write Auxaton’s story as a novel.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve written up to Chapter 3 (and also a prologue). I’ve even done some world-building and created new characters for it, like Runemage and Dragis (pictured at the top of this post).

As a side note, I’m going to go ahead and answer this question now: Will I be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year in November?


The whole goal of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) is to write a completely new story, not to just continue working on something you started previously.

I don’t want to start something completely new when I have so many other scripts and drafts being written at once. I’m going to focus on finishing at LEAST one before the end of the year, and call it good.

Can I finish a draft of Auxaton’s story before the end of the year? Maybe. But I also don’t want to rush this story.

…Maybe I should keep a word counter going on my projects for you, so you can see the progress being made. Like, having a word counter for each script. It would definitely help you hold me more accountable.

If anything I need your voices to tell me, “Just finish a freakin thing!”

That’s all for now.

Oh! Don’t forget I’m at Youngstown Indie Comic Expo THIS Sunday, September 13th, at the Austintown Comfort Inn in Ohio.

And then, the day after that (September 14th) is the launch of the Johnson & Sir KickStarter!

To go along with that, I’ll be updating the blog at least twice a week – on Wednesdays and Fridays. If I can manage it, I’d like to update on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but at minimum, it’ll be Wednesdays and Fridays.

What will I be posting? Well, Johnson & Sir-related posts, of course! Sketches, page previews, KickStarter updates, and more stuff will be coming soon.

Ok, that’s all for now, for real this time.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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