Post-YO-ICE Bananas Malarkey

youngstown indie comics expo 2016 table

This last weekend has been absolutely bananas.

First, Youngstown Indie Comics Expo happened, and my book Johnson & Sir got the Best in Show Award. WHAT?!

Then, Thoughtful Dinosaur met its goal on KickStarter! DOUBLE WHAT?!

Plus I’m working with some people behind the scenes to possibly get my comics into more comics shops. TRIPLE WHAT?!

It’s all banana pants and it’s all amazing. Thank you for your support thus far, because without you, none of this would even happen, and life would be banana pants-less.

The Thoughtful Dinosaur KickStarter still has about three weeks left, and the stretch goals have been decided. Check out the campaign for more details!

Thank you for reading (and everything else).

You. Are. Awesome.

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