Social Mediaz, yo.

Why yes indeed! I started a facebook page for my art. You can like it here:

I’ll be sharing comics-in-progress, polls, and possibly even some discussions on art tools to use, if anybody is interested in that kind of thing. But I would like the Facebook page to be an open forum for me and my fans to connect and chat about things and share art.

The more I work with it, the more excited I get, and I hope you get excited about it too! So check it out. I already have a comic page in progress up on it, if you want to look.

Here’s the link again:

The Facebook page, like I said, is where I hope to get to chat with fans. I hope Twitter can be used for the same thing, but I like Twitter because it helps me talk to other comic artists easier, and also find other professionals and just chat. Tumblr is just fun to post sketches on, but I want to try and save that for mostly fanart and illustrations. I post all my art to deviantART and this blog. This blog here is where I hope to talk about my comics, other people’s comics, and share some in-depth posts about other miscellaneous dribble. After all, blogs can hold more words than social media posts. :D

That’s my plan, anyway, and it seems pretty legit to me.

But I hope you keep liking my stuff! Please feel free to share your stuff with me, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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