Bringing Blog Posts Back!

rathacon convention artist alley table 2017

Alright! I’m back from RathaCon in Athens, OH. Not a whole lot of sales were made, but lots of folks signed up for the email newsletter and, by the sounds of it, I got a comic shop in the area interested in consigning my books. Plus I got to meet an indie filmmaker looking for pitches (I’ll get to him in the next post), and a T-shirt designer who REALLY liked my Dia de la Gata card design and wanted to get that on a shirt. (I’ll get to that in the blog post after the one about the filmmaker.) Continue reading “Bringing Blog Posts Back!”

The First Year of Youngstown Indie Comic Expo

youngstown indie comics expo table artist alley
My Table and all its fabulousness.

When I told people at the convention where I was based, a lot of folks were like, “But that’s so far away from Youngstown!”

But after driving from Ohio to Georgia for Swarm Con, and driving from Ohio to Arizona to move – and driving back again – I can handle a two-hour ride, no problem.

The trip was totally worth it, too.

First commission of the day. Thanks, Nate!
First commission of the day. Thanks, Nate!

The Youngstown Indie Comic Expo started out slow but steadily got more people coming during the afternoon. It was a one-day event (kind of like Animarathon based in my old college town of Bowling Green, OH… only Animarathon is for anime, and YO-ICE is for independent comics).

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect out of the show, especially since this is the first year that it’s ever existed.

Honestly… it was a great show! I would 110 percent go back there again next year.

No much nerd talk was had with these two lovely ladies. (Especially Lord of the Rings)
No much nerd talk was had with these two lovely ladies. (Especially Lord of the Rings)

It’s small but you get a chance to talk to everybody. This is totally different from my experience with Phoenix Comic-Con, which is huge and had a lot of people just walk past the table because there were already so many more exhibitors to check out.

The more cons I do, the more I discover that I really like local shows. The selection of artists is smaller, sure, but you get to know the people there, both the artists and the attendees walking around.

That, and the commissions I get to make for people are a lot more fun to do.

Chris Pratt Commission! What a bae.
Chris Pratt Commission! What a bae.

Local shows are where it’s at! The atmosphere is more relaxed, the people are awesome…

And I don’t have to pay for a hotel room. Win-win.

2015-09-13 16.44.00 2015-09-13 17.12.27

So far this year, I’ve only had two local shows – RathaCon, and YO-ICE. But I would definitely do both again for next year!

I don’t have any other shows planned for the rest of the year. The exception is Youmacon, but I go there to attend, have fun, and hang out with friends. I don’t go there to sell stuff. The place is too big, and big cons have expensive table space.

However, I DO have to start planning for next year. If you want me to make an appearance at a convention or expo close to you, please drop a comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.