The Glorious Return of Seeing Him on KickStarter!

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Awwww yiss!

If you remember, back in November of 2014, my sis Kia and I ran a KickStarter to raise funds to start “Seeing Him.”

“Seeing Him” is a webcomic we both created about a nerdy skating rink owner named Kate, who falls in love with Adam, a doctor who is also a trans man.

We created this story because we both felt there weren’t very many stories with trans men in them, much less any stories that showed them in a positive, life-affirming way. (Usually it’s in the tragic, Boys Don’t Cry way.) While there’s a small community of webcomics starring trans men (which is awesome), we both felt like there still need to be more stories.

With all that said, the story won’t focus on Adam’s transition. By the time the story starts, he’s fully comfortable with his identity and has been living as a man for a few years.

Instead, the story is going to focus on the romance between Adam and Kate, as they navigate the absurdity of life with their ridiculous friends.

The first KickStarter run did not meet the goal.


We both made a few changes, and now Seeing Him is BACK on KickStarter!

“But what changes did you make?” you ask.

We didn’t change the story at all. But we DID…

  • Lower our asking goal down to just $600.
  • Make ALL the rewards digital – no shipping required!
  • Offer more chances to be included in the comic, AND
  • Offer more one-of-a-kind artwork to our backers!

Speaking of one-of-a-kind artwork, now’s a good time to mention my availability for commissions.

A lot of people have been asking me lately if they could commission me to make artwork for them.

Well, if you back Seeing Him on KickStarter in some of our new higher-tier rewards, you can!

Please keep in mind, though, that I am ONLY available for commissions to KickStarter backers right now. So if you want to ask me to make you a custom piece of artwork, go back me on KickStarter, and if we make the goal, I can make your art!

“But what commissions do you have available?” I can hear you ask.

Well, you’ve got LOTS of options, like:

  • $35 for a head-and-shoulders portrait done in pen and ink,
  • $40 for a head-and-shoulders full color portrait,
  • $50 for a half-body portrait in full color, AND
  • $75 for a full-body, full color portrait.

I can draw any characters you like! Check out my Commissioned Work page to get an idea of what the finished works will look like.

But there are three rules:

  1. You can only order one commission.
  2. I will ONLY draw what you pay me to do, so don’t ask for any extra-mile crazy backgrounds or if I can draw a group portrait.
  3. The finished art will be sent to you as a high-resolution digital image. No shipping required! But that also means I won’t be sending you a physical copy of your commission.

I have limited numbers of commission slots available, so get them ASAP.

Another thing to keep in mind: I will ONLY make your commissions if the KickStarter gets fully funded. If we don’t meet the goal, no art for you. And then we will both be sad.

I do not want us to be sad! I want us to be funded!

Please, if you can, share this blog post and the KickStarter with your friends, on your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, wherever you hang out! any support is appreciated, even if you can only spread the word.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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