Updates for the Week Ending 7/21

Ho man have things been busy here!


Validation updated twice this week. And expect a new poster to come soon! (Design and sketches will be posted here and on the Tumblr).

Johnson & Sir are off-hiatus! See the newest strip over at the tumblr.
Also, Johnson & Sir will be moving over to their own website soon! Expect to see something new next Saturday. :D
“But wait! The tumblr! What about that? What will you do with it?”
It’ll become an ask blog for Johnson and Sir, where you can ask the characters anything you like.

And Mini-Comic Theater has concluded the first short story, “Shadow.” Check it out from the beginning! (I also took the time to redesign the site for it. Now it looks and works MUCH better). The next upcoming short story comic is “Strike”!

Bonus! Right now, The Legend of Jamie Roberts has clocked in at 391 pages! French the llama!


New works this week include more warm-up sketches, a trade with my friend Casey of her character Haku, and a very wise old owl.


Oh my gosh! I finally finished sharing my May Sketchbook in six parts! Golly that took too long


The very wise old owl from deviantART is now also a T-shirt or sticker!

And over at Etsy you can get another post-convention poster, The Queen of Crows, an original character of mine who also makes an appearance in the short story “Shadow” in Mini-Comic Theater! (Circularity: I am good at that).


I’ve been busy this week. Check out my social commentary piece, “If Feminism is Not Needed, Then…” And the Young Turks summed up my feelings on the Zimmerman case accurately.

And in less serious business, if you missed “Whose Line is it Anyway?” coming back on TV, I reblogged the first episode! Enjoy. :D

Also here’s an infographic on how to make the perfect story.


Check out Chloe’s short film! It’s cute and sweet and charming in its own way. She also shared some references on Tumblr for muscles and boots.

Scrollon, a comics-reading app that Christian helped to spearhead with Douglas Liefer, is making an appearance at San Diego Comic Con! And it’s now available for download at the iPad App store! It’s a really cool new way to read comics: instead of panel to panel, you read it like a scroll, with side to side swiping. Neat, huh?

Jeff shared a couple of cool comic pages you should look at, because they look AMAZING.

And Casey drew this really awesome Tron fanart! I am an absolute sucker for black shadows in art and just looking at it makes me go “ADVHDJASKNVLA.”


The books and comics I finished reading this week and enjoyed the most were:
The Silence of Our Friends by Mark Long, Jim Demonakos, and Nate Powell
Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
Unnatural Creatures, stories selected by Neil Gaiman.


Thank you for your support, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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