What’s Going On This Last Week?

All the exciting things have been happening!


Validation is still going strong! Thank you everybody for your support!
Mini-Comic Theater started a new short story, “Strike!” You can start reading it here.
Johnson & Sir updated yesterday! Unfortunately the plans to get the website for it up and running have been set back a smidge. Because 1) Technical difficulties, and 2) I got a new freelance gig, and as awesome as that is, it took some of my free time from me.
So hopefully Johnson & Sir will be getting their website by the end of this next week. We’ll see.
And The Legend of Jamie Roberts is now up to page 401! I’m super excited to be doing some more writing for this (mostly because now I’m jumping out of chronological events).

Got a new promo piece up for Validation! It was a lot of fun to draw. It’s not everyday you draw somebody dreaming of riding a dinosaur off to battle.

Nothing new on RedBubble.
But I DID put up something different in my Etsy store: a charcoal illustration of Batman. This is the only one of its kind I’ve ever made, so when you buy it, it’s gone.

I shared a couple of older sketches, including Nizhoni and Lokis and this one that doesn’t have a name yet (and isn’t even finished).

If you are on Tumblr, follow my old friend Maquel, aka kimbrynrae, because her art is FABULOUS (and she has a fun sense of humor).
Casey drew her half of the trade we did together. She drew Lord Ranki and he looks wonderful!
Christian’s back in town! We’ll be working on Validation’s next batch of strips, so be prepared for awesomeness.
If you haven’t seen Steve Yurko yet, go to his Storenvy and buy something from him. RIGHT NOW. His stuff is fun and wonderfully cool.
And Jeff’s got some fun character designs and comic pages on his Tumblr, so go check it out!
That’s all for this week. Thanks for your support and remembering to always be awesome :D

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