I Am Now Vlogging

“Vlogging,” or video blogging, is something I have wanted to get into for quite some time now.


Well I like performing. I always have. I even performed in an improv comedy troupe for two years during college, and performed in plays and music performances after that.

Not only that, but there are things I want to talk about and share with you through vlog, so you can see not just my face, but the cool stories, ideas, comics, etc. I want to share with you.

Also, eventually, there will be puppets.

Last year I made a couple of videos to see if vlogging was something I wanted to do. Despite some failures, there were a couple of successes, and I wanted to keep making vlogs to build on those successes.

In fact, I released my first official vlog post of 2014, which you can watch by clicking on the image below:



Future updates will be every Friday, and I’ll mostly just be story-telling.

I hope you dig!

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