Bringing Blog Posts Back!

rathacon convention artist alley table 2017

Alright! I’m back from RathaCon in Athens, OH. Not a whole lot of sales were made, but lots of folks signed up for the email newsletter and, by the sounds of it, I got a comic shop in the area interested in consigning my books. Plus I got to meet an indie filmmaker looking for pitches (I’ll get to him in the next post), and a T-shirt designer who REALLY liked my Dia de la Gata card design and wanted to get that on a shirt. (I’ll get to that in the blog post after the one about the filmmaker.)

Most importantly, I got to hang out with my webcomic buddy, Sam Dealey, aka creator of Woohooligan (if you haven’t read it, please do. There’s GREAT stuff there, like his comic about the new Ghostbusters movie that made me laugh out loud and made my day).

Sam and I have never actually collaborated on comics before, but we support each other on Patreon however we can. We mostly talk to each other about the business and technical ends of making comics and making a living off of it. In between customers, that’s what we did – talk about new ways to reach and build up an audience, how to get Project Wonderful to ACTUALLY work to get some income in, and stuff like that (plus some side tangents about being autistic, because that’s another thing Sam and I have in common besides being comics artists).

It’s thanks to Sam that I’m now bringing blog posts back, and I’m going to be more active in making them, instead of making videos. Because…

  1. It’s WAY faster to make blog posts than videos.
  2. Search Engines have an easier time indexing blog posts than videos.
  3. YouTube is kinda declining (sorry, but it’s a fact. Not the creators, mind you, but the platform)
  4. I can express myself WAY more comfortably in blog posts than in videos.

If you’ve seen any of my videos you may notice there’s lots of jump cuts in the middle of sentences. That’s because I don’t tend to have a script, and I pause in the middle of sentences because my brain is processing how to say what I want to say next. However, you don’t see that in writing and blog posts. All you see are finished sentences and thoughts. (Plus I type WAY easier than I can speak. I can still have conversations IRL but sometimes I get self conscious about how I present my words verbally).

(Note: this is different from my political podcast, Extra ClothesPins. In that podcast I read off a script so there aren’t weird pauses or anything. Plus it’s an information-dense episode format, so I HAVE to have scripts for Extra ClothesPins.)

So, because it’s easier for me to write a blog post, in more ways than one, than to write, edit, and process a video, I’m going back to making blog posts.

There’s still one or two videos left to make – one of them I have a recording for, so that’ll be easier to put together. The other involves reading passages of a book aloud. It was originally going to be a Review Day Tuesday video, but…well, you’ll see for yourself soon.

Thanks for Reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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